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International Market Existence

Our company is having worldwide presence which is very beneficial for us as it increases our efficiency, brand position, annual turnover and clientele. Our trusted Indian brand realizing benefits of international trade, started off as an exporter after conducting deep market studies. Choices of foreign customers pertaining to Ladies Garments & Ladies Handbags, etc., are well-monitored by our marketing strategists. Expansion in market reach has has benefited us in the form of reduce market fluctuations, economies of sale and lower unit costs.

What We Believe In

We believe in running the company morally and ethically. Complete transparency is maintained in our working system and we execute ethical trade practices. Transparency in business deals is maintained by us. Customers are treated by us with respect and courtesy.

Positives Of Being Our Partners

  • Increased Cash Flow Statements- Suppliers, retailers and distributors will receive high profits by sourcing our mesmerizing collection of Ladies Handbags, Ladies Garments, etc., in the form of increased business and high customers satisfaction.
  • Word Of Mouth Publicity- Those who avail our collection will without doubt experience word of mouth publicity because of our collection's quality standards. Increased in client-base is something customers will experience.
  • Timely Completion Of Bulk Orders- We dispatch bulk orders in less time, this aids our customers in further doing sales within stipulated sales and completing orders well on time.

Experience Matters

Clients who are looking for an experienced firm, Jayram Export is a perfect destination for them. If they are interested and looking forward to associate with us than they can send inquiries to us. Long-business standing of more than 19 years makes us more reliable and trustworthy than new firms. Excellent market understanding helps us in designing offered line as per specific preferences of fashion conscious clients.